Lexi is wearing a one-of-a kind black strapless evening gown. I was inspired to create this gown after studying the draping effects of curtains in historical theaters. I wanted to incorporate the elegance of historical theater along with restoring authentic dramatic shirring effects. Highlighting features include lace bodice with rushing chiffon midriff overlaying with structural deluxe satin boning. A chiffon rushing overlay with a satin lining falls all the way to the hem of the dress.

This Black strapless evening gown has been featured in the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale's Culture Shock 2007 fashion show.

Photographer: Kimberly Miller

Make up artist: Jessica

Model: Lexie

Womens cocktail knit dress with silver tencel neckline.

Fact File

Photographer: Stephanie Fletcher

Model: Megan O. MM# 378516


gjachode said...

I just love your website. It shows your talent and inspirations well. All of your designs are unique and creative and different from the next. Your designs show a true art.

gjachode said...

Kyra,as a young designer you show great promise. The creativity and uniqueness of your designs are quite dynamic. Wishing you much success. Diane